Starting points to losing weight and building muscle

First and foremost you need to get your mind right. Most people want to lose weight, build muscle and expect it to happen overnight, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is just NOT possible. By getting your mind right you are putting yourself in a better, stronger mindset to be disciplined. Key word being "DISCIPLINED". Telling yourself you want to look better, feel better and have more energy. The mind is a powerful player in this journey!

Once you get your mind prepped, you will want to cleanse your system. If you're like me and LOVE food this is a necessary step! There are many types of over the counter cleanses to choose from, you're looking at anywhere from one week to 14 days. My favorite cleanse is: Nature's Secret, Ultimate Cleanse, It was easy on my stomach, anyone that has experienced a bad cleanse knows not needing a bathroom visible at all times is a huge plus!! 

Now really, you don't have to take over the counter cleanses, you could always cleanse by eating your green vegetables. If anyone tells you any different, run! But just keep in mind how important this step is. It will clean out all the "bad stuff" in your intestines and allow vitamins and other health supplements to absorb quicker allowing you to obtain maximum intake.  

And there you have are now on your way to a better you